TR Forum Tidings: Hard drive lifespans

Our star thread for this week's tidings post originates from our Storage forum, where TR regular flip-mode posted a thread yesterday entitled, "Longest you've know a HDD to operate?" As the thread's name suggests, flip-mode wants to know just how long some folks' hard drives have managed to stay spinning. To start things off, he cites the example of two old servers at his workplace that haven't seen a hard drive upgrade in nine and twelve years.

Other gerbils were quick to throw in their personal records, with some still running hard drives 10, 15 years old and even older. Storage forum moderator Steel even says he managed to boot off a 20MB hard drive that's about 19 years old.

How old is your oldest functional hard drive? Have you been tossing away hard drives every other year, or do you still have an old 286 lying around with a teeny HDD that's still going strong? If you have a record to contribute, or you just want to reminisce on the olden days of storage technology, feel free to hit flip-mode's thread. As always, you'll want to register a forum account first if you don't already have one.

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