[H]ard VP6 preview

Kyle over at the [H]ard|OCP has gotten his hands on a preview version of ABIT's upcoming Coppermine dually offering. Sure, it's only a preview. But the board seems to be in almost final state, and it's definitely something that SMP lovers have been waiting for in wake of the phenomenal success of the BP6. There have been a few VIA-based Coppermine dual boards released of late (from MSI and Tyan), but neither has really been received all that favorably. Since most SMP fans are waiting for the VP6, might want to have a look:
ABIT dominated the market with their groundbreaking BP6 Dual Celeron Mainboard that was launched in June of '99. This time, they have got some competition and are not first to market. Has the wait been worth it for all you SiMPy guys out there? If you are running Linux or Win2K, you might want to look into the VP6 for sure.
Those of us who shudder at Via's traditionally horrific memory performance will also be glad to know that 4-way interleaving is supported in the VP6's BIOS and, according to the preview, comes up with very impressive results when used with other BIOS memory tweaks. The board also appears to be just as much of an overclocking freak as any ABIT product, something I'm definitely looking forward to. *sigh* If only they had found a way to get dual Celeron IIs working...
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