Nvidia is popular among Steam users, says survey

Nvidia graphics cards are far more popular than their AMD counterparts among users of Valve's Steam online game distribution system, according to the latest survey by the company. The survey currently covers a sample of just under 50,000 users, and it suggests that there are more than twice as many Steam users with Nvidia graphics cards than there are with ATI ones; Nvidia has a whopping 65.7% share of the sample, while AMD commands just 30.5%.

Also interesting is the distribution of popular graphics card models. Nvidia's GeForce 8800 series quite clearly takes the lead there with a 11.3% share of the sample, compared to 7.4% for the second most popular line, the GeForce 7600 series. Down from there are the GeForce 8600, 6600, 7900, 6800, and 7800 series in order of popularity, followed finally by AMD's Radeon X1950 series, which is in eighth place with a 3.5% share. Of course, and as always in Steam surveys, AMD is doing quite well on the processor side of things. Intel's rival commands a cool 43.7% share of the sample, leaving Intel the remaining 56.3%.

If market share numbers aren't your thing, the survey contains some other interesting tidbits. For instance, Steam users may be keen to shell out the money for GeForce 8800 cards, but they're no fans of multi-GPU systems: only 0.4% run an SLI or CrossFire setup. The survey also suggests 15.3% of Steam users run WIndows Vista, 26.6% have a monitor with a wide aspect ratio, and 4.9% run a multi-monitor setup.

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