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Intel may be changing its tune but Rambus continues to confound its critics. The Register follows up on the Athlon 1.333 GHz story. According to a roadmap posted at VR-Zone, the elusive 1.333 GHz Athlon is listed for Q4 (thanks NeWs dAwG). Is OS X coming to an Alpha near you? GamePC has got the Addtronics W-8500 WTX case (with your choice of power supplies or none at all) as seen in the proposed Pro Cooling rig, for those who are interested.

Presidential debate transcripts (all of them) can be found here. A story on Missouri's tragedy.

General news and memory

  • The Register is reporting that Whistler may slip to 2002
  • Linux CD-ROM game system (in English, baby)
  • Lineo announces real-time Linux development training
  • TechWatch reviews Mushkin EMS PC-150 HSDRAM
  • VIAHardware reviews OCZ PC133 Enhanced memory
Graphics and multimedia

  • HardwareCentral reviews ELSA Gladiac Ultra
  • Gamers Depot reviews Creative Labs GF2 Ultra
  • Guru3D reviews ATI Radeon 64mb DDR
  • Club OC reviews video card "Super Kit" (watercooling)
  • NVIDIA Win 9x Detonator 6.35 driver at Zoiah's; Digit-Life has the early benches
  • Penstar Systems review D-Link DMP-100 mp3 player (they also have a note on 3dfx and the Markman papers)
  • AnandTech reviews Sony DSC-S70 digital camera (send us pictures of your setup here)
  • Tranzmit has 2 new demos: 2nd Floor (D3D demo) by Incognita and Persistent (with music) by Wipe & Ukonx

  • Futurelooks covers the evolution of the Rolodex to the Palm Pilot
  • Technoyard reviews Casio Cassiopeia EM-5000
  • the Duke of URL does wireless LAN overview
  • Tom's Hardware reviews Castlewood ORB drive
  • BootMax reviews BTC 5113RF wireless keyboard
  • UK Gamer puts the Fragmatic precision mousing surface through its paces

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