Mac OS X 10.5 finds its way on an Eee PC

If you’re tired of waiting for Apple to release a cheap, ultra-portable notebook, there may be a solution. As Engadget reports, a blogger over at UneasySilence has managed to install Apple’s latest operating system—Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard—onto one of Asustek’s $400 Eee PC notebooks.

Naturally, the installation wasn’t exactly done with Apple’s blessing, and it involved some hacking of dubious legality. The Eee PC’s hardware is also not suited to the new Mac OS—the machine’s processor supports the SSE2 instruction set but not SSE3, and it’s only outfitted with 512MB of RAM. Nonetheless, the blogger managed to install Leopard, and he even has a photo of the operating system’s boot screen on an Eee PC’s display to show for it. Apple lawyers have probably already tracked him down and surrounded his house, though.

According to a report that slipped out earlier this week, Apple is cooking up its own ultraportable Mac notebook for a launch in mid-January. The machine will supposedly have a LED-backlit 13″ display, no optical drive, and a prodigiously slim chassis.

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