Asustek backpedals, denies 10-inch Eee PC plans

Yesterday, we linked to a report in which an Asustek spokesman said the company had an Eee PC with a 10" display in the pipeline. The upcoming system was said to have 8GB of storage capacity, much like the Eee PC 8G that rolled out in Taiwan this October. Well, the folks at EeeUser have asked Asustek for confirmation, and they received a statement saying, "There are no plans for 10” at the moment." Asustek nonetheless added that it intends to release the Eee PC 8G in the United States with a suggested retail price of $499.99

That's all well and good, but Asustek does have at least a few 10" Eee PCs kicking around somewhere. While looking through photos from the company's Computex booth, we came across this shot:

A label above the system read "Eee PC 1001," and it was sitting next to black and white Eee PC 701s. Compared to its siblings with 7" displays, the 1001 has a slightly different design, and it looks to have a larger keyboard, stereo speakers, and an integrated camera mounted above the display. Asustek may now have dropped plans to commercialize the machine, but the 10" Eee PC certainly did exist at one point.

In related news, a black version of the Eee PC 4G has arrived at Newegg. The machine still costs $399.99 and has the same specifications as the white model, but in a sleeker black casing.

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