BitMicro announces a 1.6TB solid state drive

Solid-state drives have traditionally lagged behind mechanical hard drives in terms of storage capacity, but that hasn't stopped BitMicro from developing a 3.5" SSD with a staggering 1.6TB capacity—600GB more than the latest desktop hard drives.

As ComputerWorld reports, the SSD is known as the E-Disk Altima 4Gb FC. The "4Gb FC" in the model name refers to the drive's 4Gb/s (500MB/s) fiber-channel connection, which allows it to deliver sustained data speeds of up to 230MB/s. If that's not enough to impress you, the Altima can also handle as many as 55,000 simultaneous I/O operations per second, and it has an access time of 30-100 microseconds—that's 0.03-0.1 milliseconds.

Of course, BitMicro's new baby isn't exactly a slim, laptop-sized affair. According to ComputerWorld, the company can squeeze 640GB of capacity into a 3.5" E-Disk Altima 4Gb FC with a thickness of 1", so it would presumably take a 2.5-inch-thick drive to store 1.6TB. However, the E-Disk Altima 4Gb FC is launching in a number of smaller capacities all the way down to 16GB, which should be slimmer than the 1.6TB behemoth. The drives are expected to start sampling in the first quarter of next year, and volume shipments will roll out in the second quarter. BitMicro has yet to announce pricing information.

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