Nvidia intros GeForce 8800M mobile graphics chips

The GeForce 8800 lineup hit desktops over a year ago, but until today, Nvidia’s speediest graphics processor for notebooks had been the GeForce 8700M GT, which has a measly 32 stream processors and a 128-bit memory bus. However, the GeForce 8800 has now completed its transition to the mobile arena in the form of new GeForce 8800M GTX and GeForce 8800M GTS graphics processors.

The two new graphics processors have 96 and 64 stream processors, respectively, which they both couple with 500MHz core clock speeds, 1250MHz SP clocks, 800MHz memory clocks, 512MB memory capacities, and 256-bit memory buses. The 256-bit buses together with Nvidia’s mention of an on-chip VP2 video processor suggest the two GPUs are based on a variant of the 65nm G92 graphics processor that launched in the GeForce 8800 GT.

Nvidia says the GeForce 880M GTX and GeForce 8800M GTS will be available soon in new notebooks from companies including Alienware, Eurocom, Gateway, and Sager in North America as well as a handful of other vendors in Europe and Australia. According to Epic Games VP Mark Rein, GeForce 8800M-based notebooks are speedy enough to run Unreal Tournament 3 "fantastically even at HD resolutions of 1920×1200."

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