2.4GHz Phenom postponed

It looks like AMD's Phenom processor lineup may top out at 2.3GHz this year after all. A 2.4GHz model was expected to appear some time in December, but according to a report by The Inquirer, AMD has postponed the 2.4GHz part because of a hardware bug.

The Inq quotes a statement by AMD as saying the erratum has to do with the chip's Translation Lookaside Buffer, and that it's "an L3 protocol issue causing a system hang when running certain client workload applications independent of platform." Because of the bug, some Phenoms running at speeds of 2.4GHz or higher can reportedly cause a system to freeze in some instances where all four cores are fully loaded. AMD told The Inq it issued a fix to motherboard makers to resolve the problem, but the site says 2.4GHz Phenoms will nonetheless be pulled from the channel until a new B3 revision comes out.

Luckily for folks about to pony up for a Phenom system, the 2.2GHz and 2.3GHz parts launching today are said to be unaffected by the bug. However, overclocking may cause the problem to rear its ugly head on some of the chips, leading The Inq to advise that users who intend to overclock fetch the latest BIOS from their motherboard maker's website.

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