Vista driving IT pros to alternatives, says survey

Windows Vista has been out for nearly 10 months now, but most IT professionals still have concerns about problems that may arise from an upgrade to the new operating system, according to a survey quoted by Computerworld UK. The survey was conducted by research firm King Research, and it found that 90% of 961 IT professionals were worried that moving to Vista would make their networks more complex and less stable. Half of those quizzed also said they have no plans to deploy Vista at all.

Among concerns cited regarding the new operating system, Diane Hagglund from King Research says, stability is the top one. IT professionals are also worried about compatibility with existing business software and, unsurprisingly, cost. Perhaps because of the latter, 44% of the 961 professionals surveyed said they have at least considered migrating to non-Microsoft operating systems including Linux and even moving over to the Mac platform. 9% are already switching over to other OSes, and 25% plan to switch within the year.

28% of those switching or planning to switch favor Mac OS X, while 18% prefer Ubuntu Linux, another 18% favor SuSE Linux, and a quarter are more partial to Red Hat Linux. The advent of virtualization, they say, has made the deployment of non-Microsoft operating systems a more realistic prospect.

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