RV635 to be known as Radeon HD 3600 series

We already wrote about AMD's upcoming RV635 graphics processor and associated graphics cards yesterday, but more information has surfaced via the folks at Hong Kong-based site HKEPC. The DigiTimes translation is a little shaky, and my knowledge of Chinese is nearly non-existent, but the report seems to say RV635 graphics processors will find their way into new Radeon HD 3600-series graphics cards.

That name is logical, considering the RV635 will essentially be to the RV630 what the RV670 is to the R600. (The RV630, RV670, and R600 are found in Radeon HD 2600, 3800, and 2900 cards, respectively.) HKEPC even says the RV635 will feature the same 120 stream processors, four raster operators, and 128-bit memory path as the RV630, although previous reports tell us the upcoming chip will introduce DirectX 10.1 and PCI Express 2.0 support, as well—just like the RV670.

Add it all up, and HKEPC says to expect a Radeon HD 3670 with 120 SPs, a 800MHz core clock, and an 800MHz memory clock in January, followed by a Radeon HD 3650 with 120 SPs, a 600MHz core clock, and a 500MHz memory clock in February. Previous reports have claimed the 3670 will have 256MB of GDDR3 RAM, while the 3650 will be outfitted with 512MB of GDDR2 RAM.

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