SMP shootout at GamePC

Just when I wondered out loud about the ServerWorks chipset, GamePC has done a three-way shootout of the Intel i820, Via Apollo Pro 133A, and ServerWorks chipsets with both single and dual processors. Thanks for cannibalizing a great idea, guys. It is too bad that they chose to use the i820 instead of the i840. Chauvinistically, I think TR could have done a more thorough review, but take a look here to see the benchmarks. They test with two Pentium III 800EB's and 256MB of memory. As I have suspected, ServerWorks can hold its own. Sandra isn't too impressed but it does well with the ZD benches. More importantly, it is very stable (a definite plus over the Apollo Pro 133A). GamePC is claiming that these motherboards will be getting more affordable soon. ServerWorks was designed from the ground up to be a workstation/server solution and will get a boost from DDR memory next year. With DDR chipsets from various places on the horizon, it may make sense to wait, but with eBay coming to a television near you, I guess anything is possible. Personally, I think ServerWorks is a better solution than the Via Apollo Pro 133A (including the Abit VP6), at least for now.
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