Next XP service pack to bring substantial speed boost

Microsoft is competing with itself, according to a report by ComputerWorld. Citing tests from performance testing developer Devil Mountain Software, the report says the upcoming Service Pack 3 for Windows XP will bring meaty performance increases that will make XP significantly speedier than Windows Vista.

To be more specific, Devil Mountain Software claims it discovered that the latest pre-release version of XP SP3 brings a whopping 10% performance gain over XP SP2 with Office 2007. The benchmarking company goes on to say that Vista is now "more than two times slower than the most current builds of its older sibling." Since it also claims Service Pack 1 for Vista won't bring any performance enhancements, those results definitely don't bode well for Microsoft's newest operating system.

That said, Vista SP1 and XP SP3 are both scheduled for the first half of next year, so Microsoft still has some time to change how the two service packs affect the performance of their respective operating systems. In addition, Devil Mountain Software ran its tests on a machine with a relatively speedy 2GHz Core 2 Duo processor but only 1GB of RAM. Considering Vista's notorious hunger for memory and the fact that 2GB memory kits are now selling for less than $40, that may not be the best platform for a performance comparison between XP and Vista.

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