news eidos announces deus ex 3

Eidos announces Deus Ex 3

A third game is scheduled to join the Deus Ex franchise, British game publisher Eidos has announced. The title will succeed 2000 critic darling Deus Ex and its 2003 sequel Deus Ex: Invisible war, but in light of Ion Storm’s demise, it will be developed by a new studio.

According to GamaSutra, Deus Ex 3 will be put together by a new studio called Eidos Montreal located in the largest city in Canada’s French-speaking province. The studio currently counts 80 developers, and Eidos Montreal general manager Stéphane D’Astous expects that head count to rise to 350 by 2009. However, Shacknews says one of the people missing from the Eidos Montreal staff will be the lead designer of the first two Deus Ex games, Warren Spector. Shacknews says Spector is "not likely to be involved with the project" because his company, Junction Point Studio, was bought out by Disney in July.

D’Astous says the Deus Ex 3 team will employ 80 people tops, and that it will be given "at least 18 to 24 months" to complete work on the title. "We will want to limit our dev teams to a human-sized team of 80 people at the very highest of the peak in the production cycle. We don’t want to become a huge studio where there’s over 100 people on a title. We want a smaller, multi-discipline group that are tightly knit together."