Gigabyte's AMD 760 board announced

What is the AMD 760? It's a new chipset being released by AMD which supports Double Data Rate (DDR) memory. This new technology could increase overall system performance by as much as 20%. We posted a news clip about this a few days back, so I'm not going to reiterate what the AMD 760 is here. However, over at iXBT Labs, Gigabyte is the first motherboard manufacturer to announce a motherboard supporting this new chipset. With this announcement one can only wonder when AMD is going to let out this highly awaited new tech. Hopefully, soon... very soon. Here's a snippet from iXBT:
Gigabyte GA-7DX equipped with Socket A will officially support AMD Athlon and Duron CPUs with a 200 and 266MHz FSB. The board features 2 184-pin DIMM slots for the maximum of 2GB PC1600 or PC2100 DDR SDRAM. Gigabyte decided on VIA 686B as a South Bridge for its new product that's why GA-7DX supports ATA/100. As for the expansion slots, there is 1 AGP, 5 PCI and 1 AMR slot. Moreover, the mainboard is equipped with an integrated Creative CT5880 PCI sound controller.
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