Google to deliver free, Internet-based storage

How nice would it to be able to back up data online for free instead of having to keep track of piles of CDs and DVDs? It may take a while before Internet connections are fast enough and server storage space is cheap enough to make physical backups obsolete for end users, but Google apparently intends to get a head start on the concept.

Reuters quotes a report by the Wall Street Journal that says Google is cooking up a service that will allow users to store files like word processing documents, music, video clips, and images on its servers free of charge. The data will be accessible online from different computers and mobile devices, and users will have the option to pay extra for additional storage space.

No numbers seem to have leaked out yet to indicate how much capacity Google plans to offer and how much additional space will cost, but the Wall Street Journal report says the service "could be released as soon as a few months from now."

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