TR Forum Tidings: a good $500 monitor

Like a number of others before it, today's forum tidings post is about monitors. Our crack forum administrator Kevin recently created a new Visual Haven forum to regroup talk of displays, video equipment, and photography, and forum gerbil computron9000 was quick to post a new thread in that forum asking for help picking out a new monitor.

As he explains in his starter post, computeron9000 is finally ditching his old-school CRT monitor and wants a shiny new LCD for around $500—although he says he might be ready to spend more if there is a good reason to. Despite being only a few hours old, the thread has already seen a fair amount of activity: gerbil regular JustAnEngineer recommended Dell's famed 24" UltraSharp 2407WFP-HC monitor, but computeron9000 replied saying he didn't see the advantage of the pricier Dell compared to a cheaper 22" Samsung. Others have pointed out the Dell's higher resolution and superior panel quality, and now the gerbils have moved on to discussing other monitors, such as Samsung's SM 244T.

What kind of display would you recommend in that price range? Do you know of a 24-incher with an S-PVA panel that's cheaper or better than the Dell, or do you have a different suggestion entirely? Feel free to hit computron9000's thread with comments and insights. As usual, you'll want to register a forum account first.

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