Asustek moves to resolve Eee PC GPL violations

In the Shortbread on Sunday, Ronald pointed to a story that said Asustek was violating the terms of the GNU General Public License with the Linux-based software in its popular Eee PC notebook. The company allegedly modified an ACPI Linux kernel module without either providing the source code for it or retaining the module's attribution.

Asustek has been quick to respond. As DigiTimes reports, the company made a statement saying the fault was the result of an "omission" by one of its software developers. The statement added that Asustek "has always respected the spirit of the GPL" that the firm was working to make "all the related source code" for the Eee PC available to download.

We checked Asustek's site, and indeed, users can now download source code for the Eee PC's ACPI module as well as for its LAN driver, modem driver, video driver, busybox user interface, and modified Debian 4.0 operating system. The code for the ACPI module includes a copyright header crediting its developers, as well.

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