Kingston is still king of the hill in DRAM module market

We reported on iSuppli's latest estimates for the top 10 semiconductor list this morning, but the market research firm also published another set of numbers today. That second data set ranks the top 10 memory module vendors in the world as well as their respective market shares and revenues for the first half of this year.

iSuppli's numbers say Kingston Technology is still by far the biggest module vendor with a meaty 19.3% market share, compared to just 6.4% for its biggest competitor, Smart Modular Technologies. Kingston's market share has gone up quite significantly, too: iSuppli quotes 26.2% growth between the first half of 2006 and the first half of this year.

In third place after Kingston and Smart Modular is A-Data, followed by Ramaxel Technology, MA Labs, Transcend, Crucial Technology, Corsair Memory, Apacer Technology, and finally the TwinMOS Group in 10th place. Out of the top 10, Transcend saw the biggest year-to-year growth—77.3%, an increase iSuppli says can be attributed to the firm's product line expansions as well as its strong market presence in emerging markets like Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Next up were Ramaxel with 50.1% growth, MA Labs with 41.7% growth, and A-Data with 36.3% growth. Meanwhile, the TwinMOS group saw negative growth of 29.4%, and Crucial saw negative growth of 10.3%.

As a whole, the top 10 memory makers raked in 58.9% of the worldwide memory module market's $5.57 billion revenue for the first half of 2007.

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