Technological Dissonance: On computer cosmetics

We'd like to introduce a new weekly column, called Technological Dissonance, by TR's new guy, Geoff "Dissonance" Gasior. This week, Geoff tackles the issue of computer "cosmetics" and credibility—how form and function fight it out, and what all this fruity, colored plastic really means. Here's a snippet:
Last year, the sister of a friend of mine was buying a computer. She wanted an iMac; she thought they were cute. I priced some stuff out, told her I could build a faster computer with more hard drive space and a bigger monitor for a couple hundred dollars cheaper. Her response: Can I get it in blue? Apparently blue mattered. It mattered a lot, certainly more than having a mouse you could actually fit comfortably in your hand, but don't get me started on that.
After that, the Dissonance continues with a look at gaming hype, what's up with Intel and Rambus, and a salute to geek girls (who, apparently, exist). Go have a look.
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