AMD opens Indian R&D center, talks price competition

AMD opened a second research and development facility opened in Bangalore, India today, and AMD CEO Hector Ruiz was there in person to inaugurate the 52,000 square foot (4831 m²) facility. According to Ruiz, Indian engineering employees "play a critical role in AMD's global design network."

As EE Times reports, AMD's team at its first R&D center in Bangalore worked on design testing and chip optimizations for the first quad-core Opteron processor, code-named Barcelona. Ruiz says Indian R&D staff will play a "lead role" on Shanghai, AMD's first 45nm quad-core processor scheduled to appear in the first half of next year, as well.

During the inauguration, CNet reports that Ruiz also discussed financial matters, reiterating once again that AMD's current top goal was a return to profitability after four quarters of heavy financial losses. Ruiz mentioned that competition in the industry was good news for consumers, since prices kept dropping, but added, "The bad news is we always have to figure out how to still do that and hopefully make money. It's a very competitive industry and I don't see pricing being anything but competitive in any segment in this industry."

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