Availability check: GeForce 8800 GT

In light of the scarceness of Nvidia's GeForce 8800 GT and AMD's Radeon HD 3870 graphics cards, we're introducing a new feature today: the availability check. In this edition, we'll be looking at the availability of the GeForce 8800 GT, and how much you can expect to pay for one of those cards on average.

Since we couldn't catalog every possible card on every possible online store, we restricted ourselves to the four computer hardware-oriented e-tailers with the most reviews on both our price search engine and ResellerRatings.com: Newegg, TigerDirect, ZipZoomFly, and Buy.com. We made a search on each store for "GeForce 8800 GT" and cataloged the results:

Model Newegg TigerDirect ZipZoomFly Buy.com
eVGA 512-P3-N801-A1 N/A N/A $249.99 N/A
eVGA 512-P3-N802-A1 $289.99 $309.99 $299.99 N/A
eVGA 512-P3-N802-A3 $299.99 N/A N/A N/A
eVGA 512-P3-N805-A1 $309.99 $319.99 $359.99 N/A
eVGA 512-P3-N806-A1 $329.99 $339.99 $299.99 N/A
XFX PVT88PYDE4 $289.99 $304.99 $279.99 N/A
XFX PVT88PYDD4 $309.99 $329.99 $299.99 N/A
XFX PVT88PYDF4 $269.99 $299.99 $279.99 N/A
XFX PVT80GTHF4 N/A N/A $369.99 N/A
XFX PVT88PYDQ4 N/A $309.99 N/A N/A
PNY VCG88512GXPB $269.99 N/A $289.99 N/A
BFG Tech BFGE88512GTOC2E $319.99 N/A $319.99 N/A
Leadtek PX8800GT $279.99 N/A N/A N/A
ZOGIS ZO88GT-E $279.99 N/A N/A N/A
MSI NX8800GT-T2D512E-OC $299.99 N/A $329.99 N/A
Galaxy 88YFF6HUFEXV N/A $299.99 N/A N/A
Average $295.82 $314.37 $307.26 N/A
Overall average $305.82

TigerDirect was the only e-tailer with GeForce 8800 GTs in stock in our search, while Buy.com listed none of the cards at all—presumably because it seems to obscure out-of-stock items. The cheapest available 8800 GT is $299.99, which is about $5 cheaper than the average. Out of the three e-tailers that listed 8800 GTs, Newegg had the lowest average prices, while ZipZoomFly had the second-lowest, and TigerDirect had the highest.

These four online stores aren't the only ones to list GeForce 8800 GTs, and you may very well be able to find a card elsewhere and at a better price. (For example, Dell offered an MSI GeForce 8800 GT for $208 yesterday, although that card is $259.99 and out of stock now.) However, considering these stores' sizes, they give a reasonably good idea of how the 8800 GT is faring in the e-tail world.

Update 9:25 PM: Newegg and TigerDirect's stocks have both been updated with more available cards, so we've changed the above table to reflect this. The cheapest available GeForce 8800 GT is now Newegg's PNY model at $269.99.

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