Dell has only shipped 40,000 Ubuntu PCs to date

Since it began selling desktop and notebook systems pre-loaded with Canonical's Ubuntu Linux seven months ago, Dell has only shipped 40,000 of the machines. Or at least that's the figure quoted by the guys at The Register, who say the number originates from "multiple" unnamed sources.

Considering that a whopping 130,000 people petitioned Dell to offer Linux PCs on its IdeaStorm website, and the millions of systems Dell sells every quarter, 40,000 seems a little low. However, the Ubuntu machines aren't exactly the subject of much advertisement on Dell's website. In fact, they're not even listed along with Dell's Windows-based systems. Instead, users must find a the tiny "Open-Source PCs" link in the Dell site's Home & Home Office section then click "Shop for Ubuntu" to view the two Ubuntu-based PCs.

Nonetheless, The Reg says it was told by a Dell spokesman that adoption of Linux systems "has been very good." The spokesman would not confirm or deny the 40,000 shipments figure, pointing out that Dell "does not break out" such numbers.

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