Samsung touts 'world's fastest' GDDR5 memory

Often taken to boasting about world records in either memory density or memory speed, Samsung has announced yet another record: that of the world's fastest GDDR5 memory. The Korean semiconductor behemoth says it has managed to crank up its GDDR5 RAM prototypes to speeds of 6Gbps per pin, or 24GB/s per chip. That corresponds to a clock rate of 3GHz or an "effective" 6GHz when taking into account DDR memory's clock-doubling voodoo.

If bundled together on a graphics card with a 256-bit memory bus, eight of Samsung's new 512Mbit (64MB) GDDR5 chips could deliver a total of 512MB of memory capable of hitting peak bandwidth of 192GB/s. That's more than enough to leave even AMD's Radeon HD 2900 XT 1GB, whose GDDR4 RAM ensures a peak bandwidth of 134.4GB/s, in the dust. However, Samsung says its GDDR5 chip runs at the same 1.5V as today's GDDR4 chips. That's a 20% improvement in power efficiency over GDDR3 RAM, but GDDR5 could still end up a bit toastier than GDDR4.

According to Samsung, GDDR5 will be de-facto standard in more than half of the high-end PC graphics market by 2010.

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