AMD, Intel both saw their market share rise last quarter

Despite its poor overall financial performance, AMD managed to grow its market share last quarter, according to a report by iSuppli. The research firm's numbers say AMD's share of global microprocessor revenue climbed from 13.3% in the second quarter of this year to 13.9% in the fourth quarter. That's a 0.6-point quarter-over-quarter growth spurt, although it's also a 2.9-point decrease from the company's 16.8% market share in Q3 2006.

Intel, too, enjoyed sequential market share growth in Q3—its market share was up 0.3 points from 78.4% to 78.7%. And unlike AMD, Intel's quarterly growth was accompanied by a yearly increase, with market share rising 4.6 points from its Q3 2006 figure of 74.1%.

According to iSuppli, the quarterly increases can be chalked up to strong PC sales last quarter. The merciless price war between the two firms also hit a lull, driving their revenues up. In total, the two companies accounted for 93% of global microprocessor revenue in Q3 2007, up from 91% in Q3 2006.

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