Abit's new i815 board

Looks like Abit just can't stop doing what they're good at: making motherboards. On Abit's webpage (if you're having trouble finding it, that's because it's not abit.com, try abit-usa.com) they have listed the specs for a new board, the SA6R. It's based on the i815E chipset, and it's not looking too bad. It has Abit's sweet SoftMenu(tm) III and is able to change its front side bus speed from 50MHz to 250MHz in increments of one. That's right: one MHz. Other than that, here's some quick info.
The i815E chipset provides the SA6R with all of today’s standard top-of-the-line features: 66/100/133MHz FSB support, 2 USB ports, 4 DIMM slots for SDRAM modules, 1 AGP slot (with AGP 4X support and AIMM compatibility), integrated AGP 2X, 1 CNR slot, and 6 PCI slots. The “E” in i815E stands for the South Bridge’s ICH2 (I/O Controller Hub 2), which brings with it a few features of its own: ATA/100 on the two native IDE channels, an extra USB channel (for a grand total of up to 4 USB ports), and full support for CNR networking cards.
You can see pictures of this puppy at PC Scoop.
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