OCZ intros new thermal compound

As companies like Arctic Silver developed increasingly sophisticated silver-based thermal compounds over the past few years, enthusiast memory vendor OCZ Technology was busy diversifying its product line with cooling products, power supplies, gaming peripherals, and video cards. OCZ has now further expanded its lineup with a new thermal compound it claims overtakes silver-based products in terms of heat conductivity.

OCZ's new compound. Source: OCZ.

According to OCZ, the new "Freeze" Extreme Thermal Conductivity Compound is based on a "a novel formula of environmentally-safe, non-silver based components," and it can lower processor temperatures by up to 10% compared to silver-based compounds. OCZ does mention that number is relative to its own (now discontinued) Ultra 5+ Silver Thermal Compound, so it's difficult to say how the Freeze compound effectively compares to, say, Arctic Silver 5.

OCZ quotes thermal resistance of 0.032 °C/W and thermal conductivity of 3.8 Watts/Meter °C for the compound.

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