TR Forum Tidings: Your 2007 game of the year

The second half of this year has been buried under an avalanche of quality games, from Valve's Orange Box to Halo 3. But which is the best one? For our tidings post this week, we've settled on the "Game of the Year '07" poll thread forum gerbil lordtotttuu posted in our Gaming forum. The poll lists ten of this year's most popular games, and lordtotttuu invites his fellow gerbils to pick their candidate for the title of 2007 game of the year.

The list includes Call of Duty 4, Crysis, Assassin's Creed, The Orange Box, Super Mario Galaxy, BioShock, Unreal Tournament 3, Mass Effect, Legend of Zelda (presumably Twilight Princess), and Rainbow Six: Vegas. So far, the Orange Box is in the lead with 37% of the vote, followed by Call of Duty 4 with 24%, and BioShock with 13%. However, only around 30 gerbils have voted so far, so there's still more than enough time left to determine the winner.

If you'd like to cast your vote, feel free to hit lordtottuu's thread. You'll need to register a forum account first if you don't already have one, though.

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