User mods Eee PC with 20GB of storage

Asustek's Eee PC notebooks have garnered praise, admiration, and healthy sales since their launch in October thanks to their low price tags and compact design. However, even the most enthralled users will have to admit the machines are somewhat lacking in the storage capacity department, with the top-of-the-line Eee PC packing 8GB of capacity and current U.S. models only offering 4GB.

A member of the EeeUser forums who calls himself Johnx apparently thought so, too, because he decided to modify his Eee PC to give it an extra 16GB of internal storage, for a total of 20GB. The Eee PC lacks internal storage ports, so Johnx connected and soldered two USB ports onto the Eee PC's motherboard. The ports show up in the space for an unused Mini PCI Express port, so they're easily accessible from the bottom of the machine along with the memory port.

The next step was to plug one of Corsair's 16GB Voyager flash thumb drives into one of the ports. Johnx also took advantage of the second USB port to outfit the Eee PC with Bluetooth functionality, thanks to a Microsoft USB Bluetooth adapter.

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