3dfx-NVIDIA buyout rumors quashed

Well, OK, maybe not entirely quashed. But severely damaged. Or at least treated rather poorly.

Not that these are poor treatments of the subject. First up, consider the 3dfx-NVIDIA rumors over a cup 'o joe at the Overclocked Cafe, where 3dfx's place in the world gets put into (a rather unique) perspective:

It’s like going to your favorite lunch establishment. We’ll call it “Juicy Bob’s” You go there everyday because he makes a great hamburger, even tell him so, then one day “Juicy Bob” says “We’re looking to take on some investors in the restaurant, was wondering if you’d be interested?” You take a bite of the hamburger you love and tell him, “You know what. I’ll think about it.” The problem is, when you get in your car to go back to work, you look across the street at McDonalds, with the million or so people flooding in and out and you suddenly realize that you were one of four people eating at “Juicy Bob’s” during lunch. Even though “Juicy Bob’s” makes a great hamburger, they can’t compete with the two-ton freight train that’s rolling across the street from them. 3dfx is “Juicy Bob’s”
Then there's the FiringSquad's news bit where they collected deeply meaningful, terse non-comments from 3dfx and NVIDIA, plus a denial from ATI that they might be bought out by NVIDIA (which was one of the more bizarre rumors rolling around this past week, in my view).

So would NVIDIA buy up 3dfx's with a chunk of its nice, pricey stock in order to save paying damages in the patent lawsuit 3dfx has pending against 'em? Judging by all of this, I dunno. Still seems like a possibility to me.

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