45nm Intel mobile chips coming on January 6

Over the past couple of days, we've seen rumors say Intel will roll out both its first 45nm Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Quad processors and its first dual-core Celeron on January 20. A new report by DailyTech now claims Intel has another five processors planned for a launch in early January.

The five chips aren't desktop models, though. Rather, DailyTech says the upcoming Core 2 Duo T8100, T8300, T9300, T9500, and Core 2 Extreme X9000 will all be mobile parts. The chips will be clocked at a respective 2.1GHz, 2.4GHz, 2.5GHz, 2.6GHz, and 2.8GHz, with thermal envelopes of 35W for the Core 2 Duo models and 44W for the Core 2 Extreme. Cache sizes will be 3MB for the T8100 and T8300 and 6MB for the other three. As for pricing, DailyTech quotes respective launch price tags of $209, $241, $316, $530, and $851 for the five upcoming processors.

According to DailyTech, the timing of Intel's expected launch suggests showings at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show and Apple's MacWorld 2008 conference, which will both take place in early January. Incidentally, these rumors fit in rather well with those of an ultraportable Mac notebook reportedly scheduled for an unveiling at MacWorld, too.

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