Vista SP1 release candidate to go public next week

The first service pack for Windows Vista is drawing closer to its scheduled launch next quarter. As CNet reports, Vista SP1 has hit the "release candidate" stage, and Microsoft intends to open testing to more users over the next week and a half.

This week, the company will start by releasing test code to its pool of 15,000 existing SP1 beta testers as well as users in the MSDN and TechNet developer programs. Microsoft plans to follow up next week by making the SP1 release candidate available to the public. CNet quotes David Zipkin, Senior Product Manager in Microsoft's Windows Client team, as saying, "We feel really good and we look forward to receiving feedback from our larger set of testers."

As CNet explains, Vista SP1 will include a collection of bug fixes and performance improvements for Microsoft's new operating system. Among other changes, SP1 will feature a modified desktop search feature meant to accommodate third party tools like Google Desktop Search. SP1 will be rolled out via Windows Update upon its release next quarter, although Microsoft will reportedly give users the option to block the update "to allow for further testing."

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