Patch for EVE Online breaks Windows XP

Gamers fond of CCP Games' massively multiplayer online sci-fi game EVE Online beware. According to a report on Slashdot, the latest patch for the game can actually render Windows XP unbootable by overwriting a vital system configuration file.

As Slashdot reports, the latest EVE Online update—dubbed Trinity—introduces a whole wealth of changes to the game, and it allows users to upgrade to "premium" graphics content, which brings new models, textures, and DirectX 9 effects like high dynamic range lighting. The problem is that the update contains a file called boot.ini, and through an error in the installer configuration, said file ends up overwriting Windows XP's ever-so-important C:\boot.ini file. Since C:\boot.ini normally identifies the location of the operating system on the user's machine, overwriting it prevents the boot loader from finding Windows XP and booting up the system.

Slashdot points to a couple of forum threads about the issue: one describes it, while the other includes tips to help affected users rebuild their boot.ini file. CCP Games has also posted a thread acknowledging the problem and telling users not to reboot their systems after an update if they think they might be affected. CCP's thread also includes instructions for restoring the file, and it mentions that Windows Vista is not affected.

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