More on the Intel-Rambus tiff. PC World also has this short note on possible DoS attacks. We here in the New York area are excited about something called a Subway series.


  • Dans Data reviews AOpen AX34 Pro II
  • Active-Hardware reviews Epox 8KTA+ socket A
  • PCinsight reviews Transcend TS-AKT4 socket A
  • PC Critix reviews Asus CUSL2
Graphics and tweaks

  • NVmax 0.901
  • Guru3D on a possible Q3A/GF2/S3TC texture compression fix. Click here for the patch.
  • ApusHardware does a Detonator driver comparison. Yes, they bench on an Athlon 800, Abit KT7, and Creative Labs TNT 2 Ultra?
  • Some info about the Creative Labs GF2 MX DDR card on Digit-Life's front page
  • 3DCenter's review of the 3dfx Voodoo 5 5500 (in German)
  • Chick's Hardware reviews the 3dfx Voodoo 4 4500

  • Club OC looks at the copper Z3 socket 7/370/A water block
  • UK Gamer does Powercase Oblivion review
  • hardCOREware reviews Thermaltake chrome orb
  • Inside Hardware's socket A showdown

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