Windows XP to hit the OLPC XO laptop in 2008

After months of delays and setbacks, the One Laptop Per Child foundation's XO laptop finally became available last month. The machine sports a sturdy, child-friendly design with an easy-to-use Linux-based operating system. Many have shown interest in the system, including Microsoft, which appears to feel left out by the OLPC foundation's choice of operating system.

As Wired reports, Microsoft has been looking at the XO for a year now, but the system's minimalistic hardware posed a problem to Windows integration. Nonetheless, Microsoft has revealed that it is hard at work on a stripped-down version of Windows XP designed for the system. A full production release is scheduled arrive in the middle of next year at the earliest.

Microsoft reportedly has 40 developers working full-time on the port, and it plans to kick off field trials early next year. In the same time frame, Wired says Microsoft will publish "design guidelines for hardware manufacturers building low-cost, low-resource machines to run Windows," as well. There's no word regarding how much the software giant will charge for its stripped-down XP flavor, though.

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