Radeon HD with DisplayPort pictured

According to some of the rumors that have swirled around recently, we should expect to see some Radeon HD graphics cards and a new 30" Dell monitor all featuring support for the new DisplayPort display interface in the coming weeks. However, even with products relatively close to release, there's been a distinct lack of pictures so far.

Luckily, the folks at HotHardware have nabbed several shots of an upcoming DisplayPort-capable Radeon HD, an "unreleased LCD panel" outfitted with a DisplayPort input, and DisplayPort cables. The card in question is said to be based on the RV635 graphics processor, which we've heard will be featured in Radeon HD 3600 cards set to succeed existing 2600-series models. HotHardware's card has two DisplayPort outputs, and both the connectors and the cables look positively teeny compared to their DVI cousins. HotHardware says folks will be able to daisy-chain cables to run multiple displays from a single DisplayPort output, too.

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