Weekend swap-meet

OK, it's a biiiiit slow this weekend, so lets try for some amateur e-commerce. Several deals are running around out there worth checking out:
  • First, I read at the [H]ard|OCP about free CD-R discs available via Outpost.com. Here's the scoop: Buy as many as four 5-packs of Imation CD-Rs for $4.95 a pop, and you can get a $5.00 rebate. (At their site, search for 'cdr' and then look for the Imation discs marked "FREE After $5.00 Rebate.") Not only that, but Outpost.com has free overnight shipping. That's 20 free CD-R discs (4X rated). I decided to give it a whirl and placed an order some time later yesterday evening. I was almost scared when the package arrived this morning—on a Saturday, no less. And like Kyle at the [H]OCP, I got a yo-yo along with the discs. You've gotta love helping burn up Outpost's VC funding.

  • Next, if you have a Voodoo 5 5500 card and want to trade it for a GeForce2 GTS, well, you're probably not alone. (I like to call it "pulling a Brian Burke." Heh. Andy just made the switch.) But Forge still can't seem to find someone to swap him a V5 for his GF2 card. See his post in the forum for more info.

  • The next item is a plea for help. I have some birthday money stored away for the purchase of an oh-so sweet Aiwa CDC-MP3, but I can't seem to find one in stock anywhere. I'd rather not buy one on eBay, but I'm not sure where else to find one at this point. Anyone know of anywhere (preferrably online- or mail-order) where a CDC-MP3 can be had at a reasonable price?

  • The excellent and generous guys at KickAssGear have sent us hardware to help with our reviews and articles, but we haven't given them much in terms of advertising yet—mainly because I'm a complete dork. Go over to KickAssGear.com and buy stuff. I hear they sell some kick-ass gear.

  • Finally, if you're an individual who wants to sell or buy something (or if you know about something else like the Outpost.com free CD-R deal), you can post about it in our Bargain Basement forum.
Meanwhile, some of you guys are still worked into a tizzy over the geek girl thing. At last count, TR had two female readers. That's two more than everybody thought.

Go Chiefs.

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