The Stomping Grounds, a new LAN gaming center in Minneapolis, MN, opened yesterday. Fatal1ty, KillCreek, and other celebs were there to celebrate the gala opening along with Redwood and friends. There are some pictures posted for those who could not make it. Check out their computers here. Man, these are almost nicer than my system. A progress report on Pro Cooling's DH3 project. According to Akiba, Intel Pentium 4 1.4 GHz engineering samples are on sale in Japan. While you are at it, take a gander at the huge heatsink and cooler that come with a retail Pentium III 1.0 GHz. Here is a news story (in Japanese) on the Intel and AMD booths at World PC Expo. The third picture from the top (below 'Try AMD') is the ALi MAGiK1. There are two slides describing the AMD 762 system controller here and here. Windows NT Task Manager shows that two CPUs are being used. There is speculation that a 1.5 GHz Thunderbird will draw as much as 70 watts. If true, the Mustang core becomes a necessity.

    In the tradition of the Whazzuupp! parodies that we saw earlier this year comes an optimistic look at Sun Microsystems which takes you to this article. MS president Steve Ballmer has some interesting remarks about Palm, Sun, and Linux. While I don't know if Sun will buy AMD, one professor is disputing the claim that media violence makes children more aggressive. Great game last night, but can the Chiefs pull off an upset?


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