Workstation market saw huge growth last quarter

The workstation market saw massive growth in the third quarter, according to a report by market research firm Jon Peddie Research. JPR says 763,000 branded workstations shipped in Q3, a 23.2% rise over last year, while revenue increased 18.3% to $1.8 billion. That growth was driven not by proprietary workstation vendors, JPR says, but entirely by products from independent hardware vendors like AMD, Intel, and Nvidia. Workstations from "big-iron vendors" like HP, SGI, Sun, DEC, and IBM are "almost completely absent," with x86 hardware accounting for 99% of units sold.

As far as professional graphics hardware goes, JPR says a record-breaking 1.1 million units shipped in Q3, a growth of 32.6% over last year. The research firm estimates total street revenue of $338 million, a growth of 29%, "the highest jump JPR has seen to date." Nvidia was king of the hill in that market with a crushing 86% share, while AMD held most of the remaining 14%.

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