AT&T headed for a breakup?

Today, AT&T will be considering a proposed plan that calls for the company to be split into four parts. This is an about-face for a company that has sought to integrate its telephone and internet services into an all-in-one solution. Some seventeen years after the government-mandated split of Ma Bell, it has come down to this. This plan calls for AT&T's wireless and cable services to become their own, separate companies. However, since the long-distance unit will be its own company, it could conceivably pursue other broadband internet access options such as DSL, bringing it into direct conflict with any newly created cable division. Tech stocks in general have taken a beating in the market, and AT&T has faced some stiff competition from other long-distance carriers. Four smaller companies will allow each to respond more quickly to market trends than one large conglomerate, if nothing else.

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