Deal of the week: XFX's GeForce 8800 GT

Our deal this week is Nvidia's GeForce 8800 GT graphics card yet again. This may not be a particularly original choice, but GeForce 8800 GT prices do keep dropping, and we've come upon a very interesting offer today as part of our weekly availability check.

The cheapest available GeForce 8800 GT we found across our four sample retailers was XFX's PVT88PYDQ4, which Newegg offers for $269.99. This card is a rather attractive model, since it's "factory overclocked" from the stock 600MHz core speed to 625MHz, it's bundled with a copy of THQ's military real-time strategy game Company of Heroes, and XFX covers it with a "double lifetime" warranty that applies even to second-hand cards—a nice way to boost the card's resale value.

You may find slightly cheaper cards from smaller brands elsewhere, such as this Galaxy model NCIX US sells for $244, but we'd be content paying a little bit more for the XFX considering the overall bundle and the warranty offered.

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