R680 graphics card guts pictured

During its 2007 analyst day presentation last week, AMD revealed some details about its upcoming R680 graphics card. The company showed off a picture of the card and said the R680 was based on a dual-GPU, single-board design with CrossFire X support and 55nm graphics processors. AMD also hinted at a price tag of more than $300.

The R680 shot in AMD's presentation slide gives a decent idea of the card's footprint, but it still obscures the circuit board with a large cooler. Luckily for folks into GPU nudies, Expreview has scavenged some pictures from a Chinese forum that show the card with its cooler removed. The shots are somewhat blurry, but they reveal several interesting details. For instance, there's a large chip from PLX Technology located in between the two graphics processors. PLX is known for its PCI Express switch and bridge chips.

The card on display also seems to require both 8-pin and 6-pin PCI Express power connectors, and it only has a single CrossFire "golden finger"-style connector, suggesting multi-card CrossFire is possible but most likely only with two cards (for a total of four GPUs). Oddly, the card appears to be missing its memory—one can spot 16 empty emplacements for memory chips.

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