Vista tops list of year’s biggest disappointments

The folks at PC World have compiled a list of this year’s 15 biggest tech disappointments, and Microsoft’s new Windows Vista operating system has managed to secure the number one spot. PC World doesn’t ape oft-heard rants by claiming Vista is awful, but it does say the new OS “isn’t all that good”—especially considering the lengthy time it spent in development. Some of the features Microsoft initially hyped (such as database-oriented file system WinFS) never made it, PC World laments, and users didn’t take kindly to compatibility problems and more bothersome features like the User Account Control system.

Trailing Vista in the number two spot is the high-definition video format war, which PC World says has seen both the Blu-ray and HD DVD camps claim supremacy and “left consumers cold” in the process. At number three is Facebook’s Beacon advertising program, which broadcasts a user’s purchases on sites like Amazon and Overstock to his or her list of friends. Number four is Yahoo, and number five is Apple’s iPhone. Unsurprisingly, PC World condemns Apple’s tactic of baiting users by pricing the 8GB device at $599 and then dropping its price to $399 a couple of months later.

Most other items in the list aren’t quite as exciting or controversial, but PC World still gives the broadband industry as a whole the number six spot, largely for its keenness to throttle peer-to-peer traffic.

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