AMD's R700 still scheduled for 2008?

As part of its analyst day presentation last week, AMD posted slides showing plans for several new platforms aimed at notebook, mainstream, enterprise, enthusiast, and server/workstation PCs. One puzzling item in those slides was the mention of an upcoming "Leo" enthusiast platform, which stretched from mid-2008 until 2009 and included "ATI R6xx" graphics. AMD's next-gen graphics processor, which is expected to be part of a new R7xx series, only figured in the specs list for the Leo Refresh platform due in 2009.

Based on this information, some have extrapolated that AMD plans to ride its existing graphics architecture into 2009, and that it has simply postponed the R700. We've been somewhat more skeptical, since the roadmap leaves room for misinterpretation, and we're still waiting for confirmation from AMD on the subject. Nonetheless, the guys at Fudzilla claim they have received confirmation that the R700 is "on schedule for 2008." They say R7xx GPUs as part of a platform are indeed scheduled for 2009, but that discrete R7xx products haven't been postponed. Since AMD's roadmap suggests a mid-2008 launch for Leo, though, the R700 may not show up until late 2008.

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