Intel announces Lilliputian solid-state drive

If you’ve ever thought solid-state drives were too bulky for the storage capacity they offer, Intel may have just the thing for you. The semiconductor giant has introduced a new solid-state drive that squeezes up to 4GB of storage capacity into a package smaller than a U.S. penny and with a weight of less than a gram.

The Z-P140 next to a penny. Source: Intel.

According to Intel, the Z-P140 uses parallel ATA connectivity and is capable of delivering read speeds of up to 40MB/s and write speeds of up to 30MB/s. Power usage is only 300mW under load and 1.1mW in sleep mode.

This new flash drive is intended to complement Intel’s Menlow mobile Internet device (MID) platform next year. Menlow will mark Intel’s offensive in the non-x86 handheld space, and it will include a new 45nm microprocessor dubbed Silverthorne with a similarly Lilliputian die, a new Poulsbo chipset, and WiMax support. Intel says the Z-P140 will roll out next quarter, with a 2GB version to come first and the 4GB model to follow.

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