Graphics memory prices may be headed down

Get ready to see even more budget graphics cards with absurd amounts of memory. At least, that's what could very well happen if graphics DRAM follows a pricing trend started by Korean semiconductor behemoth Samsung.

According to DigiTimes, Samsung has slashed pricing for 256Mb (32MB) DDR2 graphics memory chips to just 50 cents a pop in an effort to unload inventory. Other graphics DRAM makers think the price is "unbelievably low," DigiTimes says, since typical pricing for similar chips is said to be almost a dollar more at $1.40 a piece.

Unsurprisingly, DRAM makers aren't particularly thrilled with the drop, considering prices for system memory are already at rock bottom. DigiTimes explains that graphics DRAM generally carries higher margins than system RAM, but that Samsung's move could trigger a "free fall" of graphics memory prices in general.

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