P4 to debut at 1.5GHz, hit 2GHz in 2001

Looks like Intel's trying to do something to pull its head out of the water. The Pentium 4 is set to contend at speeds of 1.4GHz and 1.5GHz initially (set at a Nov. 20th release date), then jump up to 1.7GHz and 2GHz next year. However, Intel is still on the same boat with Rambus, and the first Pentium 4s use the 850 chipset, which requires RDRAM (the expensive stuff), so it will be well after the P4's release before they hit the price range of most sane consumers.

One bright star in Intel's dark skies is the fact that once the P4 uses 0.13-micron interconnects (slated for mid-2001), it should soar above the 2GHz mark. Intel is also planning on a new chipset (which is codenamed Brookdale). This new chipset will use plain ol' SDRAM instead of RDRAM (or so they say). Finally, after achieving 0.13-micron feature sizes, Intel will be using this process to produce new Pentium III chips, codenamed Coppermine-T. If you want the whole story go to ZDNet. And see our previous story for more on the .13-micron PIIIs.

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