OCZ unleashes 860W PC Power & Cooling power supply

As Nvidia rolls out three-way SLI and AMD prepares to enable driver support for four-way CrossFire, OCZ has announced a new high-wattage PC Power & Cooling power supply aimed at enthusiasts and gamers. The new Turbo-Cool 860 PSU uses PC Power & Cooling's trademark single-rail design, with a massive +12V rail capable of delivering 64A (768W) of continuous power and 72A (864W) of peak power. The unit is also rated for 84% efficiency, and it allows users to manually adjust +12V, +5V, and +3V rails using a set of external knobs.

To go with all that power, the Turbo-Cool 860W features Nvidia SLI certification and four PCI Express power connectors—two 6-pin connectors and two "6/8-pin" connectors. There are also 15 drive connectors, including six Serial ATA power connectors, four 4-pin Molex connectors, and one floppy drive power connector. PC Power & Cooling backs the unit with a seven-year warranty, claiming a mean time between failures of 200,000 hours (nearly 23 years).

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