New Duke Nukem Forever teaser trailer goes up

As promised, 3D Realms has released its first Duke Nukem Forever teaser trailer in six years. The trailer is only a minute long, and it doesn't show much in the way of gameplay, but its release has already overwhelmed the servers of both Shacknews and 3D Realms' own website. Luckily, the trailer has been mirrored on YouTube, GamersHell, Fileplanet, and, among others.

This new teaser trailer shows the game's protagonist lifting weights in some sort of cave with brief cuts of monsters and combat, all suggesting a relatively modern 3D engine with graphics akin to those seen in titles like Gears of War. There's pretty much no in-game action like in the 2001 trailer, though. Regarding the game's release schedule, Shacknews says it received the following reply when it asked 3D Realms CEO George Broussard for clarification: "The release is still 'when it's done,' but you can expect more frequent media releases and we're not changing engines again and we have considerable work behind us."

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