AMD refuses to comment on potential R700 delay

In its 2007 financial analyst day presentation last week, AMD indirectly hinted that its R700 graphics processor might be postponed until 2009. The company posted a roadmap that said its 2008 enthusiast platform, code-named Leo, would feature graphics cards based on the existing R600-series architecture. The next-gen R700 was only listed as part of the Leo Refresh platform, which AMD's roadmap positioned for launch in early 2009.

This new roadmap very much contrasted with the one from AMD's July technology analyst day presentation, which said Leo would arrive in 2008 with R700-series graphics. In light of this discrepancy, we dropped an AMD PR representative a line on Friday to ask for clarification. Today, AMD got back to us with a message stating simply, "Regarding R700, my contact on the GPU side said that we're not able to comment on unannounced graphics products."

AMD's distinct lack of talkativeness suggests the R700 may indeed have been postponed, despite recent rumors to the contrary. This is bad news for AMD if it's the case, although it may not be as catastrophic as it sounds. AMD's roadmap still leaves room for new and improved R600-series products. Folks expecting next-gen graphics products from AMD in 2008 may have to bide their time, though.

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